Blackjack Players

Top Blackjack Players In The World – Learn From The Pro

Blackjack is both a game of chance and skill. Professional blackjack players can attest that the game look easy but there’s a lot of strategy and self-discipline involved in it. You have to know card-counting and have the focus and guts to snag the wins. Check out the top players in the world of blackjack:

David Irvine

He is a professional blackjack player who uses the card-counting method and a couple of other strategies. David and his team raked in bucks from winning blackjack. Their profits have reached a couple of million dollars. David was actually introduced to the team by Mike Aponte. He is a part of the MIT team who played in blackjack tables in Las Vegas. He was at the prime of his life and enjoying his winnings left and right. In 2004, he decided to take a breather and settle for a bit. That was the time that he started the Blackjack Institute in collaboration with Mike Aponte which professionally educates players with professional blackjack strategies.

James Grosjean

James is dubbed to be at the top of his league. He is declared to be the best blackjack professional player which was introduced to this casino game at a very young age while he was a student at the University of Chicago. He is also a famous author of two best-selling books: Beyond Counting and Exhibit CAA: Beyond Counting. He has compiled strategies in these books which implement a mathematical advantage to the game. He is also the youngest blackjack player to be heralded at the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Don Johnson

He is the only blackjack player that has beaten Atlantic City casinos with a sum of more that %15 million in cold cash. He has that superb winning streak that remains unmatched to date. He actually negotiated on his terms with Atlantic City casinos. He was at the position of an advantage. He was a meticulous player and new players would definitely learn a lot from this professional blackjack player. When he was at Tropicana, he managed a hand that was epitomized as one of the biggest blackjack wins in history or from a wager of $100,000 up to $800,000.

Bill Benter

He is a professional casino game player with a big heart for the less fortunate. He was actively contributing to charitable organization. This top blackjack player belongs to the Blackjack Hall of Fame because of his exceptional skills in blackjack and at the same time for his political and charitable missions. His stint as top player of blackjack was short and sweet as he was caught counting cards at the Maxim which resulted in him being blacklisted in major casinos in Vegas. After that, he decided to venture toward horse racing betting.

These professional players actually did their homework before they became star blackjack players in the world. These top blackjack players have created an impact in the gambling industry and have been an inspiration to younger and aspiring blackjack players.