Best Blackjack Books

The popular casino game, blackjack has the power to hold down the house edge below 1%. But, it needs a well worked out strategy. Here is the brief account of some very popular books to learn blackjack.

Best Blackjack, Frank Scoblete

Frank Scoblete has provided the knowledge in a first-rated way of expression for the newcomers. It is easy to understand; even the regular players can use the book for guidance.

Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution

This is a fantastic book for learning card counting in a short time. The players learn to count within a few hours.

Blackjack Attack, Don Schlesinger

Don Schlesinger has written the book for seasoned blackjack players. It covers every mathematical probability and card counting sequences.

Blackjack: Take the Money and Run, Henry Tamburin

This book is structured into three levels to teach the beginners, intermediates and the seasoned players. The contents of this book totally focus upon strategies and the variations like Perfect Pairs.

Basic Blackjack, Stanford Wong

This book is based on teaching the ways for working out plans. The plans are related to different rules of the game followed in different regions.

Twenty-first Century Blackjack, Walter Thomason

This book focuses uponprevalent systems of betting and ways of counting the cards. One can follow a method depending upon the variant of the game.

Blackjack Wisdom, Arnold Snyder

Arnold Snyder touches the subject in a very discrete way. Different dimensions of the subject coverage are team playing, camouflaging and analytic thinking about shuffles.

The Blackjack Zone, Eliot Jacobson

This book offers a very good guidance for the beginners to understand the basics of blackjack and its variations like Elimination Balckjack. A learner gets into the mental attitude of planning with strong determination to win.

Blackjack Autumn, Barry Meadow

In his book, Barry Meadow offers complete account of total experience of gaming in Nevada. He had the passion to play in each and every casino in the state.

Knock-Out Blackjack, Olaf Vancura Phd., and Ken Fuchs

This book is objected to methods of card counting. All the methods have been explained in simple ways to gain proficiency over counting the cards.