Newbie Guide

A Newbie Guide – How To Play Blackjack 

Blackjack, a popular casino game, is also referred to as Twenty-One. This has very simple and basic rules to follow. If you are mathematically gifted and skilled with counting cards then the odds may be in your favor. There is a very high opportunity for you to lay out your best strategies and win the game.

You don’t need to be a high-roller to win in blackjack. It’s a popular casino game because it levels the playing field and everyone has equal chances of winning. The rules for blackjack vary depending on where and how you play the game. With the casino version, the house serves as the dealer. The dealer gets to be in control of the game, from dealing and shuffling cards and handling the bets. With the home game version, all players get the chance to be the dealer.

Card Packs

There is a standard 52-pack card which is shuffled together but the six-deck game which has 312 cards is considered to be the most popular. The dealer has a blank plastic card which is placed right at the bottom of the card pack to signal the time that cards need to be reshuffled. At the time that four or more decks are all used up, they will now be dealt from a box which lets the dealer remove the cards one at a time.

Card Values

The players get to decide the value of an ace or whether its value is 1 or 11. Face cards are always at 10 and other cards is its pip value.

Objective of the Game

The objective of blackjack casino game is to defeat the dealer by getting as close to 21 but avoiding going over that number.

Bets are In!

Players place their bets. The general limits would be set from $2 to $500.

Playing Blackjack

Once all the dealers are done placing their bets, the dealers will now give each one card face up in a rotation and then another card face up for themselves. A round of cards would then be dealt face up for each player but the dealer gets to take the second card face down. Each player then gets to receives two cards face up while the dealers has one card face up and one card face down. No player should touch any card.

The player on the left will be the one to go first and then decide whether to stand or hit. A player may decide to stand for the cards that were given to them or have the chance to ask for additional cards until such time that they decide to stand on the total card or go for a bust.

When the dealer is done serving all players, the dealer’s face down card will not we turned up. If its total hits 17 or more, then it must stand. On the flipside, if the total is at 16 or under then they must another card. The dealers should go ahead and take cards until such time that the total would be 17 or more. This is the time that the dealer must go for a stand. The dealer’s decisions are all automated according to the rules while the players get that flexibility of taking more cards.

With blackjack, every player gets to play at optimum levels. The strategy here is to take a cue from your upcards and to avoid the chances of getting a bust. When using a soft hand, the strategy would be to go keep hitting until you reach a total of 18. So, with an ace and six, the player would not stop even if they get at 17, but would go for a hit.