Top Proven Strategies To Win Blackjack

Blackjack is both a game of luck and skill. There is a basic blackjack strategy to master if you are looking to learn the ropes and win this game.

With blackjack, you are provided over 100 hand situations that play automatically. Should you rely on intuition or luck? A lot of experts would say, to rely on math instead. Avoid just shooting blanks and winging it. It is best to do your math before you make a move.

The primary objective in playing blackjack is to decrease the house edge to the lowest percentage possible. The basic blackjack strategy was initially designed with the use of a computer simulation program using millions of blackjack hands which is used to determine the best strategy to use in different situations. Here’s a rundown of the best strategies straight from the experts:

Always Split Aces and Eights

The ace is a very powerful card. It’s the king of the blackjack casino game. It’s a basic winning strategy to always split aces and eights. This allows you double chances of two 21s because holding on to two aces is just equivalent to 12. A single ace is invincible. On the other hand, do not ever split the 10s and 8s because 20 and 16 are too powerful when combined.

Open Up the Opportunity For the Dealer to Bust

If you happen to see that the dealer has a 4, 5, and 6, you should not attempt to hit until you have a soft hand. These cards have gives the dealer tons of chances to bust which plays in favor of the players. There are many opportunities for your to implement or double or split your hands in order to rake in more bucks in the even that dealer would bust.

Stand When You’re Holding High and Hard Hands

It is a must to stand when you’re holding a hard hand or at least 17 or higher because you have excellent chances of busting. However, if the dealer has either an ace or a paint card, your 17 may not have a good chance and drawing is also not a good option for you at this point. So, the best maneuver that you can do is to give the dealer a chance to bust or to have the same total as yours.

Don’t Go for the Insurance

Everytime that the dealer shows an ace, there’s that open opportunity for you to grab the insurance. The insurance would mean that you would post a side bet which is half the size of your original wager. So, if the dealer has a blackjack, the side bet would be paid as 2:1. However, if the dealer happens to have a blackjack, you get a break even. So, if you look at it from all angles, taking the insurance is always bad news. So, never attempt to take it.

With the blackjack game, a 99% edge is never enough. You always have to beat the old strategies and acquire new ones to dominate the game and beat the dealer. With skills, strategy, math, and luck, your odds may be greater at this point in time.